Digital Services

DVD Encoding and Authoring

We offer the highest quality DVD encoding and authoring, from straight linear transfers to complex interactive menus and special features. We can encode from our Sony Digital Betacam deck, or our Beta SP 3/4" deck to our state of the art Sonic encoding card which outputs the cleanest Mpeg-2 digital video available. We also offer Dolby Digital Stereo sound or Dolby Digital Surround sound through our Tascam DA-98 audio deck. Our special features include Broadcast quality video, 3-D animation, interactive menus, and Surround sound. Whether it is a feature film presentation for the end user, a sales presentation, or marketing materials we will help you provide the best DVD presentation available.

Web Design, E-Commerce, Hosting and Maintenance

It takes well-designed content to attract, intrigue and retain visitors to your site. It is the content that actually reaches out and pulls in the end user to communicate your philosophy and message. Through copy, graphics, images, music, video and animation, we design and create content that is diverse and yet consistent. Our web team will ensure that our web design gels with your overall company image. We then illustrate, design, and execute via the latest technology including video streaming, music, and animation to deliver maximum value of content. Some of our special features include, Flash animation, Windows Media, Real Player, and Quicktime video streaming.

Once the basic design is approved the suite of different E-commerce Internet Applications is reviewed to best suit the companies needs. The back end data management and front-end interface must provide a seamlessly integrated user experience while allowing an open technology that can be expanded with your growing needs. Some of our support applications include, online relational databases SQL 7, SQL 2000. Server scripting in ASP, Coldfusion and Perl. Leading edge browser technologies with DHTML, Javascript, CSS and HTML 4.0.

Hosting and Maintenance
We offer advanced hosting capabilities, including a secure environment, multiple platforms, streaming servers, and redundant T3 lines. We can host form the beginning of development through deployment and beyond. We offer 24-hour climate control, 24-hour emergency staffing, redundant UPS backup power systems, redundant T3 lines, web based usage reporting, log file management, and domain name and DNS services.